16 Great Agricultural Produce Supply for Farmers, Exporters and Food processing Companies at your Doorstep

Agromerchant renders excellent agricultural supply and door step delivery service to anywhere you are in the world. We are building a large consignment in the agricultural sector to meet increasing food, raw materials, home and industrial demands. We are raising beautiful agro brands with irresistible quality and package in the agro industry.

Let us handle your large and bulk supply and export contracts of any kind of agro produce. We do business with you as a farmer, agro-producers, agropreneur, an exporter, industry or food production and food processing companies.

Check this list out and make order with us and we assure you of speedy and quality products and even more;

  1. Charcoal Produce– we will supply you different grades like restaurant charcoal, barbeque charcoal, finger-like charcoal (locally called morike), dull Looking charcoal (locally known as Ayin), processed charcoal and dust or sweet type. We supply according to specifications; in sizes, e.g. 10kg, 15kg, 25kg or 4okg and we can deliver large tonnage or container with minimum of 23tonnages truck capacity.
  2. Cashew Nuts and Kernels– our specification are KOR is between 47 to 49, nut counts is 190 maximum and moisture content is below 11%. Fresh and 2016 cashew supply are now available.
  3. Shea Butter– The season is fast approaching, start early booking and ordering to get good quality with great price.
  4. Ofada Rice– if you are in the food industry, restaurants or catering services, you can wet your customer appetite by adding delicious local delicacies like ofada rice to your cuisine lists. The health and delicacy benefits far outweigh the foreign, imported or polished rice. Eat good to keep fit is our message to consumers.
  5. Hybrid Plantain Suckers- we encourage and mentor farmers through our community development and extension work services to plant and farm high quality hybrid crops and breed hybrid animals. With this, farmers’ profits and returns on investment are boosted.
  6. Hybrid Watermelon and Cucumber Seeds– these are fruits you will be harvesting within 2-3months and you are smiling to the bank to cash your profits if you understand the planting and marketing techniques. If you know your onions, this farm produce is a cash cow
  7. Ugwu and other Green Vegetables Seeds– fast lane to productivity is farming vegetables during dry season, plant good and hybrid seeds.
  8. Hybrid Cocoa Seeds and Seedlings- cocoa farming has now become a wealth spinner. Starting harvesting in 3-4 years.
  9. Hybrid Piglets and Pigs– Agromerchant supply directly to your farmstead or backyard.
  10. Hybrid Goats- another money spinner if you know the business of enclosed grazing and cultivation.
  11. Hybrid Turkey– if it is mixed breed, we won’t supply you. We will only supply and deliver to you pure hybrids.
  12. Palm Oil- we supply best and fresh palm oil to your doorstep
  13. Yellow Maize– We got some stocks and tonnages to supply you. Act fast and make orders.
  14. Pupuru and Cassava Flour– Pupuru is a well processed cassava flour with quality and plastered taste, smother and odorless unlike Fufu. Get it today and you will enjoy it. Preparation is less than 5minutes.
  15. Contact us to order fresh stocks of onion, garbage, tomatoes, and Carrots
  16. Clean and Hygenic Garri– everybody is afraid to drink Garri because of the spreading news of Lassar fever. Fear no more! Health is Wealth. At Agromerchant, we supply well processed, clean and hygienic garri of different taste and colour like white and yellow garri ijebu, drinkable garri and lots more. Garri drinking has become easier with us.

Wow! Agromerchant is your #1 stable marketplace, pickup center, and online mall for agricultural commodities, livestock and fresh farm produce supply. We are building a reliable, structured and befitting marketplace to get all your hygienic agro produce, foodstuffs, groceries and commodities at affordable price in a one-stop marketplace. Don’t roam again in the sun searching endlessly for agro produce supply, Agromerchant handles the stress and saves you of time wastages.

Buy from us and get quality and hygienic agro produce.

To contact us, visit www.agromerchant.com or call 08036028454. Also visit our Twitter page; @agromerchantNG and like our facebook handle; www.facebook.com/agromerchant online store.


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