The economy depression is hitting hard most especially in the developing countries and Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth is not an exempted. This present reality is having a notorious effect on the spending habits of shoppers and consumers all over the world. Fear is therefore gripping many families over the future of their spending to settle debts, pay for rents, school fees and of course cater for the basic; food and agricultural commodities purchases. Fear of economy depression is leading to downsizing among consumers, shoppers, corporate organizations, industries and government.

Many economists and researchers have attributed this re-occurrence of economy meltdown or downturn as many will say to sudden crashing of China economy, rapid fall in crude oil price across globe and poor local exchange rate against the dollar and I add; a single product monopoly economy of some countries.

In Nigeria, we are already agitating for a holistic approach and formulation of policies that will rapidly support the diversification of the economy from crude-oil to agriculture to further avert the wealth of the nation nose-diving.

Nigeria as a case study is undergoing a surgical operation to retain her as the most viable economy in Africa and move vehemently to spur production, processing, marketing and exporting in the agricultural sector. To avert crisis from blooming, everybody must spend wisely and first concentrate on paying for their first and basic needs; food, shelter and communication.

As a shopper, you have the responsibility to stockpile your store or kitchen with foodstuff. When you eat well and spend first on fresh and hygienic foods, you can be rest assured that you will acquired the strengths needed to work harder and smarter to make more income and also diversity to multiple sources of income.

Come on, why this rhetoric emphasis on how I should spend my money as a consumer? At agromerchant, we love you and we like helping you to make a proper planning and budgeting. Our mantra in this economy uproar is for you to spend less, eat well and plan better on your future. We believe many people run into debts in order to cater for their families due to setting and executing wrong priorities.

Today, change your game plan- by starting with the first thing first.

Two ways to stay aloof bad spending and improve your purchasing power

1. First shopping should be on your foodstuff before spending on clothes, electronics and others- if you can take time to spend and consume right, your life will pick shape. This assertion is true because nobody knows when the economy will normalize and it is expedient of you to first do the needful- stockpiling your store with foodstuff to avert hunger and borrowing to eat.

Also, random buying and shopping in the open markets may make you spend out of budget and spend spree without control which is called emotional spending. To save costs, additional expenses, stress, transportation and buying unhygienic food items, make it a priority to shop, order and buy your food items and agricultural produce online.

The advantages are enormous which include shopping on single platform, shopping within your budget, assurance of getting clean and healthy foodstuff, spending less without transportation costs as delivery is brought to your doorstep and as you wish, pay for ordered goods and groceries when delivery is done.

Wow! You can’t afford to miss this juicy offer e-commerce has brought to you. This is why a team of agricultural and nutrition experts have built an online marketplace, to cater and serve the fastest growing consumer market in the world. We developed this online platform leveraging the internet penetration in Nigeria to ease and relief consumers from stress, spending more, bad foodstuff and create an enabling and integrated environment where you can just do a simple click on browser and make decent shopping on and save more energy and money.

2. Diversify and invest your Income into Agribusinesses- this is sweet. Be the next food producers, farmers, agropreneurs, hoteliers, caterers, food retailers and distributors, agro-exporters and agromerchant delivery agents and foot soldiers.

At agromerchant, we are making it sweeter as we supply in retail and bulk, deliver your purchased items and produce to your doorstep, source, handle, package and supply any agricultural commodities, hybrid seeds, seedlings and suckers, fertilizers, improved and organic agrochemicals, improved livestock, and exportable produce like charcoal, cashew nuts and Shea butter.

Our aim is to turn you to a business owner with or without monthly paid job, become a reputable entrepreneur and build a reliable income or additional financial portfolio without stress of running out of money. Cash is king, invest in agricultural industry today to stay out of poverty and debts.

Be rest assured that every foodstuff you order on agromerchant is secured and hygienic to make you healthy and save money. We source for the best groceries, consumables, fresh farm produce and agricultural commodities that are freed from infections of lassa fever and other deadly infections.

The outbreak of lassa fever has also make it imperative to know your source, shop in single agro and foodstuff marketplace and a reliable store like

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