These days, everyone is talking about falling oil price in the global market which is affecting the local markets and in return, causing economy downsizing and many companies could not pay workers salary anymore not to talk of bonuses. Sales are fast depreciating and causing families’ food budget and shopping lists to cry for attention.

Also, increase in dollars against Nigeria currency (Naira), devaluations, and government foreign exchange policies are not helping matters. Most especially those of us with no dollars, we are the ones shouting the most like we have anything to really worry about.
We all do actually.

The question is; is falling in oil price and rising dollars affecting your food budget and shopping purse? It is actually a factor to consider. Look at this scenario…

On Monday morning you woke to prepare for work and take your breakfast when your spouse grudgingly said the food items plus the beverages in the store has finished. You screamed; will I have something to eat in the house this morning? Your spouse replied yes of course but instead of beef, you have panla (a type of fish) but no beverages and fruits again. You squeezed your face and grudgingly eat what is available. You muttered to yourself; the available has now become the preferred. What a life?

The harsh economy is now becoming brunt and unbearable on you not because you are not working hard but just that your salary has been downsized and for some not being paid for months. To add salt to the injury, your boss is threatening of downsizing the workforce if things refuse to kick back to normal bubbling life in the company.
Fix your Priority and Budget

It is normal to feel sorry and pity your condition but at this time, self-pity will not solve the problem. The only solution is to re-prioritize your budget. Fix it before you lose it. Make buying foodstuff the first on your grocery and spending list. Instead of spending on aso-ebi or buying the latest exotic electronics or ipads, redirect the money to cater for your family most essential needs for now- FOOD.

Likewise, instead of your usual habit eating outside and shopping expensive ready-made food in big restaurants or your daily taste for Suya, buy raw foodstuff and cook your special cuisine in your kitchen, it is cheaper. Your food plan and budget must reflect in your spending. If you want to live with peace at this time, you need to discipline yourself budgeting.

Oh! I spend much on food before, so why educating me on this now? Endeavor to save your breathe. You must learn to re-strategize to save your hassle.

1. Develop and execute a weekly and monthly budget for foodstuff shopping and purchase
2. Buy your food items in wholesale and of course in bulks- daily retailing makes you spend more money on food
3. Relate with a food procurement company that can work with you to plan your monthly food budget and make it balanced diet. The company will also secure and deliver to you hygienic and healthy foodstuff. www.agromerchant.com plays the big role.

With these three rules, you will save yourself from embarrassment if you run out of money or cash because you are rest assured that you have food in the store. And you know as the popular saying goes- if hunger is removed from lack, the remaining issues are minimal. It is the quality of food you eat that ensures your healthiness and wellbeing.

Visit agromerchant.com today and call to make your weekly or monthly order of your varieties of foodstuff you cherish in your family. Immediately, we will send you different food items catalogue if the existing ones on our online store do not suit your budget. We even go further to work out and plan with you your own special and customized food catalogue. After that, we make your orders delivered to your doorstep.

Agromerchant ensures you have constant and frequent access to hygienic foodstuff, sea foods, livestock and fresh farm produce.

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