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Nigeria face what I term a cardiac arrest in her existence in the food industry most especially in the tomato sector since her independence in 1960. It was a cardiac arrest because it is unexpected, sudden and unprepared for. The grievous damages caused by “Tuta Absoluta” on tomato production in Nigeria met her citizenry and government unaware. Nothing could be used to ascribe and relate how shocking and dismayed this occurrence of high level of tomato scarcity and price hike experienced in the local market.

Tuta absoluta, a pest which believed not to have originated from Nigeria but to have migrated from Niger republic (a neighboring Africa country very close to Nigeria) to Kastina Sate (a Northern state in Nigeria) in year 2015 had caused a devastating disability to one of Nigeria most stable vegetable, tomato. This pest which could ravaged and destroyed hundreds of tomato and potato hectares in few days has made the produce price to skyrocketed beyond human imagination in a country with abundance of fertile lands, water resources, natural and serene climatic conditions with plentiful human capacity to boost crops production, yields and harvest all year seasons.

How could one imagine that a mere four piece of tomato that is being sold for less than fifty naira (Nigeria currency) can be sold for as high as seven hundred naira in just two month apart? It is jokingly spread in Nigeria that for the first time that locally grown and produced tomato price is far more than imported apple fruit which was believed to be one of the most expensive crop in Nigeria. The joke is true.

Tomato Recovery is a Must: Steps to Boost Production

The sudden disappearance and exit of quality tomatoes in the marketplace will not do anybody any good. Proactive steps must be taken by farmers, agropreneurs and researchers to boost production so that we can start to enjoy bumper to bumper harvest again. How? You can be a tomato farmer or producer today. But I have never planted tomato before, you said. Yes, it is true you haven’t but you can become one accidentally and feed the nation. After all, the scarcity and hike in price happens accidentally.

Make money and build a new stream of wealth for yourself planting tomato today;

You heard me right. Many entrepreneurs and business people usually dabble into business and build voyage of enterprises accidentally. Occurrences or circumstances like the one we are experiencing in the tomato industry in Nigeria today inspire them to venture into business, agribusiness inclusive. You can be the next millionaire if you can take the bold step to become part of the solution Nigeria needed to recover her tomato loss. Plant tomato today, in six weeks, you will make provision for your family and who knows you sell o your community.

Quick Steps to Venture into tomato Farming and Build an Agro Niche for Yourself
• Start a tomato garden at your backyard
• If you have some cash, purchase a greenhouse to control and regulate climatic conditions necessary to grow tomato in large quantity
• Buy hybrid tomato seeds and start a farm using simple irrigation system like drip irrigation
• Talk to Agromerchant Nigeria on our contact page or email or through phone call on farming tomato or creating a smooth marketplace for your produce to sell.

At Agromerchant, we teach and encourage people to go into farming, build an enterprise around agribusiness and contact us to create local and international marketplace for your harvested produce. We are one of the few best supplier of fresh farm produce, raw and processed foodstuff and agro commodities in Nigeria (a country of nearly 200 million people) and we shall soon move and extend our supply chain technology and outlets to other parts of Africa.
Those that feed the people are those that lead the people

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