Ginger Season is Here Again- How to tap into the local and Export Market of Ginger Trading


Yes! Ginger trading season is here again. A good business time for ginger farmers, producers, processors, marketers, local buyers and exporters.

Learning the uses of ginger and how to tap into it, and benefit massively from the local and export market ginger avails is crucial at this stage. If you call this piece or article a tutorial or vital information, you are absolutely right. Nevertheless, do not just digest the huge opportunities ginger market is making available, dabble into the market and an active player. Our idea is for you to see it as a business tutorial or data gathering and knowledge acquiring that help you to take decisive decision to forge into the coast of doing ginger business both locally and internally.

Whichever way you decide to be a player; either selling in the local market or looking out for foreign buyers to sign export contracts, I can assure you that you are going to make good profit and be smiling to the bank building your wealth profile while others are complaining of economic recession.

I have said it here on several occasions that there is real money you can make in the agribusiness sector, if you understand the pros and cons of the business. Agribusiness is far beyond farming. The value-chain in the agricultural industry is huge and massive. Ginger trading is just one. With buying, processing, packaging and selling ginger in the local or international market or both, you can be sure of massive proceeds.

Every year, countries like Europe, Asia, and South cum North America peep and look into Nigeria market to source and buy ginger; fresh, powdered or split dried ginger in large volume or quantity. The tonnages that are being air-cargo, shipped and hauled out of Nigeria are enormous. This year is not an exception, big agro and industries buyers are lining up to buy this agro produce at international approved prices and standards.

At Agromarketplace Nigeria Limited with our online marketplace at, we have what it takes to provide and supply you quality and standard ginger for both local and export markets.

The seasonal opportunity is here again, explore it today. Contact us at or dial 08036028454 and speak to us on any foodstuff, agricultural or farm produce of your choice.

We are creating a better supply and value chain in the food and agricultural industry.

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