How we are Helping Nigeria Government to Boost Non-oil and Agricultural Commodities Export Market

Agromarketplace Nigeria via her online presence, is one of the few Nigeria companies to key and delve into the government dream to make Nigeria a cynosure where people can come to trade and transact business in the agricultural sector. Government is looking for a subtle way to diversify from oil into a more sustainable business and agriculture and agro-commodities popped up fast. For us, helping government to boost non-oil and agricultural commodities export market is a priority.

Our exclusive impression is that for Nigeria to survive and wage war against poverty and monopolistic economy, we must diversify by telling the whole wide world (www) that we have the right climate condition, soil texture and structure, rainfall and sun per excellence to grow 90% of the raw materials and commodities cum foodstuff needed by the international markets.

In Nigeria, it is established that we have abundant cocoa, palm kernel, Shea butter, sesame seeds, timbers, woodlots, soya beans, cashew nuts, mangoes, cassava, best rice, sugar cane, pure honey, hibiscus flower, fruit bread, bitter cola, cola nut, maize, yams, pineapple, coconut, rich watermelon and cucumber, and many green vegetables and fruits. We are richly blessed.

Today at Agromarketplace Nigeria, we are structuring agro marketplace by adhering strictly to international standards and specifications and packaging terms leveraging on our team expertise to keep supplying and exporting fresh farm produce, foodstuff and agro commodities. By God grace, we are mitigating unemployment; creating wealth and helping farmers get their produce to the doorstep of both local and international buyers.

Without any doubt, we are the best in the industry. We are online, we are more visible and ready to give our clients the best and quality agro produce in the best hygienic way possible.

Surely, we are the standard you need to get quality foodstuff and agro commodities right at your doorstep anywhere in the world 24/7.

Contact us @,,,,, 08036028454. We shall speedily oblige you.

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  1. Sir, we read about your programs on net, and we are interested on your programs, how can we be connected with your organisations. Tnx. Awopetu abiodun

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