How to plant Maize (Agribusiness Live)

These set of data will guide you in planting your crops (maize). They are well researched and confirmed on the field!

Rainfall requirement: 1200mm

Temperature: 18-32 C

pH: 5-8

25 x 75
50 x 70
50 x 50

Maturity date: 75days

Weeding: 4 weeks after planting (Atrazine, 2,4,D )

Planting periods:
Early: March – April
Late: August -September

Plant depth: 2-5cm

Soil Type: Fertile Well drained loamy soil

Yield per hectare: 1.5 – 2.5

Fertilizer requirement:
NPK: 15:15:15
(3.461g /Plant)

Common Pests and diseases:

Stem borer, leave miner, downy mildew, birds, rodents

Keep farming to harvest

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