Agromarketplace Nigeria ( is a one-stop Online-offline integrated Agricultural Commodities Marketplace, Logistics and Supply Chain Company dedicated to consistently giving trade customers, business customers and consumer customers; hospitality industries, agro-industries and agro-users quality satisfaction and relief by delivering excellent service, quality and locally-grown agro-produce to their doorstep.

At Agromarketplace, we supply and deliver agro-commodities (fresh farm produce, processed foodstuff, livestock, charcoal, fruits and vegetables) and agricultural inputs (chemicals, fertilizers, hybrid seeds, livestock feeds) to customers’ doorstep. We create a viable marketplace and supply (logistics) services for fresh farm produce and agricultural commodities. We partner directly with local farmers to offload their harvests quickly to buyers which helps us to reduce produce wastage by 70%.

Agromarketplace provides quick market solution for farmers, agro-dealers and it is customer one-stop online agro-shopping site that offers an excellent and easy shopping experience with an option of paying cash on delivery. With, you can shop, order and pay on delivery at your doorsteps all your groceries, foodstuffs, brands of agro-industries and companies. Procurement, Packaging and Supplying Delightful locally-grown food packs, fruit drinks, health and recovery packs, soup ingredients and spices are our major brands packages. We helps farmers to face farming while we create the local and international market and wider reach through our mobile devices and supply chain technology. We give relief, convenience and comfort to farmers, agro-users and consumers.

We designed and built an online store; to expand our market and customers reach band. If it is not fresh, hygienic and well-packed, then it is not from Agromarketplace. This Wow! Brand is our unique selling proposition and it makes us standout. Our products delivery is strategically to give consumers relief, comfort, remove traffic jam through our online order and doorstep delivery, create viable and mobile cum quick marketplace for farm produce, ensure fast delivery and supply of hygienic raw and processed foodstuff that contributes to the well-being of our customers. At Agromarketplace, we don’t only sell to our customers, we also educate them using our blogs and magazines and we also supply in tonnages and large quantities to big buyers and exporters any demanded agro commodities. Our mantra is we always care.

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Our Online Agromarketplace

Our Partners

Tony Elumelu Foundation, Releaf Group, USA, WECA, MULTI, OSACA, local farmers and agro producers and U our customers.




Nigeria’s 1st ever agricultural, commodities and grocery online store and one stop store for retailing and wholesales (bulk purchase) of agro-products, food items and agro-allied products. Agromerchant is an agro-products, raw and packaged food delivery service that allows you to shop and make order at the comfort of your home or office and your order is delivered to you at your doorstep. All your scattered favorite products in the agricultural industries (agro-industries) are now available in a single shop and delivered to you at your convenient time same day you order.


We beat and exceed the imagination of traditional stores and open markets by supplying your produce to you directly at your doorstep.


Agromerchant Nigeria is a distributor, supplier, dealer and reliable merchant in all agro-products and services, agro-chemicals, fertilizers, plants and livestock, sea foods, herbs and roots, beautiful horticultures, green markets, raw and processed foods, agricultural tools and machines, and land leasing and purchase across Nigeria. Anything we are missing in the agro-world spectrum? Oh! The innovation of greening products, just to get ‘U’ our customers go green and live healthy and be safe.

In our products catalogue, you will find and choose from our arrays of agro-products right from fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and seasonings, fruits drinks to beverages, packaged products, fresh and dried fish, meats, livestock and pets of your choice, raw foods like rice, beans, plantain, ofada rice, pupuru, Ijebu garri, yam, cashew nuts and lots more and even extended to agricultural value chain products like fertilizers, chemicals, tools and machines (milling and processing machines) of different brands. All you need to do is to order and we deliver to your doorstep.

Also, in the store, our lists of categories are easy to navigate and enticing all the same; ranging from agro-foods, agro-health, agro-forest, roots and herbs, agro-media, to agro-tools, agro-machines, fertilizers, seeds and seedlings and agro-chemicals. Order your goods and we deliver and you pay at point of delivery.

 Why you should shop on Agromerchant Online Store?

Irresistible Benefits to Consumers, shoppers, Agro-dealers, Retailers and Wholesalers;

We create a creative solution and proffer holistic approach to today busyness and hectic time. In today world; mothers are too busy to look after their wards- jumping from work to market to the house to do home chore, Time to study, work, keep home tidy, go to religious and social gatherings is demanding (pressurizing) and family pleasure and intimacy are at risk.

We create you more time and space for your loved ones and personal duties. We provide you maximum concentration on other duties calling for attention, convenience, and comfort. We give you opportunity to shop at your own space and time at the comfort of your room, home or office and your goods get delivered to your doorstep and you make payment on delivery. Your satisfaction, hygiene, health, nutritional values, market quality and comfort is our goal. This attributes make us distinct.

We create you relief and stress-free life from roaming and shopping open markets searching for products to buy endlessly in different open stores. We bring varied products into one store- AGROMERCHANT STORE.

Our customers can do bulk or wholesales purchase from our different packages. Our unique packages which is first of its kind in Nigeria serve the students, boarders, housewives, schools, religious institutions, governments and private agencies, traditional events, singles, hotels, caterers, restaurants, and hampers gifts packages you can present to your guests at birthdays, weddings, engagements, freedoms and other classic events- who doesn’t want to make his event classic… and we are still loading…

Functional Benefits to Farmers and Agropreneurs;

With Agromerchant, Farmers no longer need to bother about lands, where to source seeds and seedlings to plant, how to get farm tools and machines. We supply you your demands and orders at your farm location with ease.

Likewise, we provide larger markets (we have a wider reach for farmers to sell on Agromerchant platform without extra costs). We bridge the big gaps between the farmers and the buyers. The era of food spoilage and wastages, lack of markets and inadequate knowledge about farm produce are reduced drastically with the emergence of Agromerchant.

Our Seller Yard networks and provides wider range of opportunities to farmers to display and sell their produce to investors, local and international markets 24/7. With us, no market barrier. You farm and produce, we market and deliver for you. What a big opportunity!

This is our own unique way of empowering the teeming local and rural farmers in Nigeria by helping them take their farm produce online and make shopping easy, convenient, visible and accessible to everyone.

Building a Viable Economy in Nigeria through Agribusiness

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reports that about 20.3 million youths are jobless in the country, while 1.8 million graduates enter the labour market every year. In addition, the World Bank Statistics put Nigeria among the five poorest countries in the world due to the high rate of unemployment and low per capita income indices.

There is no reason for any Nigerian to be unemployed, when there are over 80 million hectares of arable lands, abundant water resources, adequate rainfall and diversified ecological conditions.

It is a big lie that agriculture sector is no more relevant in the 21st century most especially when it has been branded into becoming agribusiness by tapping into agricultural value-chains, agro-dealership, agro-ICT and agro-exportation. We wonder who brought such insinuations; no country of the world can survive without agriculture no matter her economic and technological advancement, at least we no go chop computers. Food is essential. Beyond food, every advanced country developed on agriculture as the mainstay of their economy. Manufacturing and processing industries have thrive because agriculture provide the raw materials and foundational backbone. Our shelter, clothes, shoes, beds, processed foods and drinks are all bye-products of agriculture. Damn this important sector, you cease to live!

Agromerchant Online Store has a distinguished and sole interface in agribusiness operations; We offer varied categories of agricultural value-additions and our focus and competitive advantage include educating potential customers and startups through our agroMedia, comprehensive products descriptions are supplied, free weekly markets agro price indicators and indexes to our traffic. Our agro-Health store supply herbs, wellbeing foods, and recommended roots to boost the immune system of our clients. Our concentration is more on local and fresh home-grown foods and agriculture. Nigeria has over 170million growing populations. Anyone with an internet enabled phones, Pcs and mobile devices can access farm produces anytime, anywhere. We provide customers the opportunity of wider categories, visibilities and accessibility than physical stores.

How Do I Order and Pay For My Order?

Browse the store, order your wish products and drop them in your carts (register and login to have your personal cart or basket) and we deliver to you same day at the address you supply. You only pay on delivery for now, that is, cash on delivery. We give value, relief and easy access for your money.


How Can I Contact You

We are prepared to hear from you and listen to your requests or complaints. Feel free to get in touch with us on 24-hours open calls- 080-36028454 or fill our form here or send us an email at  and we promptly respond.