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Agromerchant is a Mobile-Web Marketplace that provides Millions of African Farmers, conventional Markets, Food Vendors, agro-Traders, boarding schools, institutions, exporters, Food Companies, hotels and Restaurants and consumers with easy online shopping, agricultural supply chain technology and pay on delivery service. We source, package and deliver (retail and bulk supply) clean and hygienic foodstuff, agricultural commodities, organic fresh farm produce, agro-allied and agricultural support services directly to Millions of Consumers at their doorstep around the globe.
www.agromerchant.com is an organically and locally-grown agricultural commodities and fresh farm produce delivery and distribution company in Nigeria, West Africa. This is a great alternative and relief for people who like to shop at their own pace and comfort without the usual stress of visiting open markets and conventional stores. Agromerchant made integration of agricultural produce and doorstep delivery service possible to our customers. Our products catalogue itemized and guide our customers and online shoppers to see an arrays of produce on our online stock and pickup mini-malls.
We believe our supplying model appeal to a wide customer base, most importantly medium and high class income individuals, classy students, bankers, executives, hotels, institutions, government agencies, boarding schools, caterers, agro-marketers, and even farmers that prefer our specialized and recommended hybrid seeds, suckers, seedlings, and livestock, agrochemicals and organic fertilizers.
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