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Agromarketplace Nigeria is an exciting startup leveraging on supply chain technology and ecommerce, thereby went ahead her competitors to design and float her first Nigeria (1st of her kind) online agro marketplace; creating a reliable market and doorstep delivery for farmers produce and agro commodities. We are not just another marketing platform but a solid agro retail, bulk supply, family food and complete soup ingredients hamper, export and farm/agro inputs marketplace.

What does this implies? Just in 3-steps;

  • We pick and offload fresh farmers produce and farm foods, agro-industries products and agro-commodities (Raw and processed), exports produce and farm inputs, ensuring quality and freshness

  • Package and preserve them in our Agromerchant hamper, box, and sac

  • Deliver hygienic produce straight to customers’ doorstep after our thorough background checking

Are we just this? No! We are bigger than that- we are evolving and expanding to reach beyond borders to make life better, easier, less stressful and more comfortable cum getting quality produce and maximum satisfaction for our customers. We are working hard to kick-start versatile operations in;

  • Cooling our vegetables and fruits to ensure all round freshness, tastiness and quality

  • Doorstep delivery of our agro brands neatly packaged agro/foodstuff and fresh chop meats and fish

  • Opening pick-up centers for customers sighting and offline quick booking and ordering

  • Extension services to our farmers and agropreneurs to embrace organic and healthy smart farming

  • Promoting and producing green and smart farming all year-round in Nigeria and Africa.

  • Building the largest and coolest agro products logistics and supply chain brand across Nigeria in 5years.

We are the latest agro social enterprise in Africa solving agricultural hiccups and market challenges driven by a  team that believes in the socio-economy policy of our company.

Our Aim is to make farming and agribusiness sexy! Viable for farmers, young people and get more Africa entrepreneurs into agricultural value chain through Agromarketplace…

Also, get more fun and mouth-watering farm exhibitions and on-the-fields plus agro-factories reality shows on our wide-spread video, blog and photographic displays.

We are more than just selling and delivering agro produce to users’ doorstep, we are simply an agro value-addition and supply chain hub with a class… read more about our journey together!

Reach out to us today and we deliver straight to your doorstep fast.

The world population is triggering n staggering; these will surely lead to looming food crisis it something urgent is not done to avert it. What can be done? plan to plant. build a garden yard. with this you will create wealth n saves lives.

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